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Flat Memorial Tablets in Fareham

As a general rule, Flat Memorials tend to be much smaller than the traditional burial memorials, but here at Art Craft Memorials, our Flat Memorial Tablets are no less finely crafted than any of our traditional headstone memorials. Art Craft Memorials work with the same high-quality craftwork and materials to create stunning and elegant memorial designs to honour the life of a loved one in Fareham.

Art Craft Memorials Fareham and the surrounding areas are able to create a cremation memorial to be as detailed and personal as any other memorial you will find in our range. Our masons are masters of memorial masonry and take great pride in creating a memorial that is suited uniquely to you and your loved one.

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Each piece we produce at Art Craft Memorials is unique and individual, and we’ll work with you from the design process through to the installation of the stone. We listen to your brief and try to make it as easy as possible for you to get the finished piece you want.

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